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Add 364 Hours Back Into Your Life Save A Boatload Of Time Every Week!

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New & Simple Way To Save A Boatload Of Time Every Week!

The US Department of labor found the average person spends 7 hours per week maintaining their homes clean and in order. That estimate does not include time spent doing laundry. Laundry is worst possible chore known to man.

If doing things yourself is important to you, consider this: there is no way to regain, re-grow, refurbish, rediscover, or regenerate a lost minute of your life. In other words every breath you take brings you closer to your final resting place. So, it’s vital you’re not wasting precious time and energy cleaning and doing chores on the weekends.

Outsourcing Is The American Way.

You live in a service economy. This means you don’t personally kill your food or chop down trees to build shelter. You live in a time where almost everything is done for you. The house you live in and clothes you take to work were made by other people, mostly other companies.

Thank goodness for our economy.

Fact is you don’t have to grow your own vegetables, you don’t have to hunt for meat, and you don’t roast your own coffee beans either. Instead, you pay someone else to do these things for you, saving you tons of time.

Outsource your chores so you can take advantage of every moment before they pass you by.

Outsourcing is how Zuckerburg and Gates can continue creating multi-billion dollar ideas. These two guys don’t clean their own toilets or even drive themselves to the office. They hire help so they can keep building their respective empires. If these two guys spent time washing their own clothes, ironing their own shirts, and doing other non-essential duties they would never have the time to run their companies.

If you can afford a housekeeper, then hire one shamelessly.

Most people aren’t in a financial position to spend money on a housekeeper. The Soap & Detergent Association conducted a survey and found out of 1100 people, 47% of them said they would definitely hire a maid or housekeeper if they had the money. But only 12% of those same 1100 people actually employ a housekeeper or maid.

Let’s be honest, hiring a maid service is a luxury and not a necessity. It’s the equivalent to buying a puppy. You really don’t need a puppy, do you?

NO, YOU DON’T! But You Buy One Because You CAN!

Everyone that can afford it does it.

People outsource their home cleaning and many other chores in order to make their lives easier. They’re not ashamed of it and neither should you be. How much of your life can you afford to waste on chores? Consider the amount of time you have left. How much is the time worth to you.


To free up 30 hours per month, you outsource the chores to experts. Do it because housekeepers are trained for the sole purpose of making your home sparkle.

A maid service is dedicated to the cleanliness of your home. They’re trained specifically for that sole purpose. They are pros, therefore are faster and work more efficiently than you; let them handle the dirty work.

How much of your life can you afford to outsource?

A maid service will easily free up 30 hours every single month. 30 hours is just the start. In fact, you could save more time by outsourcing the laundry and dishes too. When your pipes are clogged you call a plumber, a roofer when your roof is leaking, and a maid service when your home needs cleaning.

How many hours this week will you spend cleaning, doing chores, and doing laundry?

Whether or not you want to enjoy the rest of the time you have left is totally up to you. But if you feel time is what’s really important then call Effingham Office MaidsWe are a local home cleaning company dedicated to freeing up as much of your week as humanly possible.

Save yourself a minimum of 30 hours per month in tedious chores. Getting started is simple, quick, and easy. All it takes is a quick five minute phone call.

To Schedule your appointment today give Effingham Office Maids a call at 217-207-3097 and our friendly staff will take great care of you.

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