Hire Help! Don't Be Ashamed To Outsource Your Home's Cleaning

Hire Help! Don’t Be Ashamed To Outsource Your Home’s Cleaning

Hire Help

Hire Help! Don’t Be Ashamed To Outsource Your Home’s Cleaning


Should hiring a cleaning service be punishable by death? Plenty of people hire help, whats the difference?

If so, then so shouldn’t hiring all other services be as well. You shouldn’t feel bad or be labeled because you hired a cleaning service. Instead, you should feel proud that you can afford to hire help. You work hard to earn your dough. You use that cash to buy yourself stuff that makes you happy. Don’t you also have to use that money to purchase products and services on a daily basis? Like when you go to a gas station to fill your car up. Or how about when your lights suddenly go out and you’re the only person on your street with no lights, what do you do? You call an electrician to help you out.

You can hire help for just about anything. Isn’t a cleaning service just another service available to the public, like fast food restaurants, plumbing services, and car repair garages? If you read our first 2 posts in this series you are familiar with the importance of outsourcing in order to live a more happy and enjoyable life.

Do You Enjoy Hard & Tedious Work?

You know that cleaning your home is one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks you can undertake. This you know because of experience. Has it ever been fun and exciting to do the weekly cleaning and chores? No, Absolutely Not. It can be hell, the physical demand is tough.

The older you get the harder it can be to clean your home the way you used too. If people can’t understand that then forget them. How many times have you come home from work to find your house in shambles. And where in the world are you going to find the time to clean it again. Well, you could call a maid service to maintain your home clean. That way you wont have to think about cleaning anymore. You can come home from work and relax instead of worrying about how your house is going to get cleaned.

Cleaning Can Suck

Cleaning is hard and therefore we make it a team effort. We send two people over to clean because of how hard and tedious the whole process can be. And it’s definitely a process, with mapped out steps that can actually make the job a a lot easier. Learn about our process and read how we systematically approach your home’s cleaning. If you don’t have a method that makes your life easier when you clean your home you’re in for a unpleasant undertaking.

Having someone else change your oil doesn’t make you lazy or a bad person, does it? It’s just like paying someone to cut your hair and do your nails right? Hiring help is equal to outsourcing. Outsourcing is a massive convenience our service economy offers you. If you don’t take full advantage of it you will definitely live a tougher more unpleasant life, guaranteed.

You don’t personally haul you trash to a land fill, or do you? Do you regularly deliver your own mail, nope you don’t do that either, do you? What about your kid’s education, do you handle that as well, no because schools are built for that exact reason. They educate your kids and garbage trucks take you trash to the landfill. With out mail services and other services alike you would find yourself busy and broke all the time.

So you see, outsourcing your home’s cleaning is just like hiring a mechanic, there is no shame in it all.

Why haven’t you called a cleaning service for help? While you sleep they can clean your home. while you’re out shopping, your home could be getting a deep cleaning, perfect for homes with kids because germs spread easily. We have customers that wait for to us arrive and shoot straight to work after we get there. These customers get to come to a freshly cleaned home after a long day at work. The only thing better is having hot food ready to for them to eat when they arrive.

Have you considered looking for a cleaning company to help you maintain your home clean? If you have and haven’t pulled the trigger its more than like for one of the 3 reasons below.

The Top 3 Reasons We Feel People Don’t Outsource The Home Cleaning


 1. You feel like outsourcing to a cleaning service is a total waste of your money.

 2. It’s not that you don’t want to hire help, but you feel like it’s out of your budget. You just can’t afford it.

 3. You’re ashamed of what people might think of you if you outsourced your home’s cleaning. They could call you lazy and entitled.       Or even worse names than that.

Lets dive into these reasons a bit deeper.

1. Outsourcing to a cleaning service is a total waste of your money.

This is a common misconception many people buy into. It’s usually accompanied by “why should I pay someone else to do something I could do myself.” The obvious answer as you now know is to save time, money or both, as in the case of taking your car to the mechanic or deciding to fix it yourself.

Fixing it yourself will cost tons of cash and tons more time. Taking your car to the mechanic is the logical choice. It’s faster and easier for you.

While you could do it yourself, you could instead, spend that time playing at the park with your kids. You could go and get your hair and nails done. Instead of cleaning your home, you could catch up on some lost TV time and watched missed episodes of your favorite shows.

If your time isn’t very important then sure, clean away. But when you realize the importance of your time, cleaning becomes a massive inconvenience for you and your family. Money is a tool used to buy yourself time and allows you to enjoy a more “happy” life. Always Remember that, “MONEY IS A TOOL” used to buy yourself more time to enjoy your days off.

2. You feel like hiring a cleaning company it’s out of your budget.

This is also a common misconception, although it can be a reality for some people,but all is not lost. For as little as $3 a day, you can afford to hire a professional cleaning company like Effingham Office Maids. For the cost of one cup of coffee per day, you could hire a cleaning company to clean your home once per month.

At Effingham Office Maids, our first time Standard Green Cleaning starts at $99. Every monthly cleaning after is only $90 per month thereafter. It’s not nearly as expensive as you may think. Besides such a small investment per month can save you many hours of hard cleaning labor each month.

Outsourcing your home’s cleaning is not as expensive as you think is it, probably not?

Anyway, enough about cost and finances, let’s move on to the third and final reason why you probably haven’t yet outsourced your home’s cleaning.

3. You’re ashamed of what people might think of you.

The final reason listed is probably the worst possible reason to not outsource your home cleaning. First and foremost we live in a service economy. Remember we discussed this in our previous post, (https://www.effinghamofficemaids.com/outsource-more/‎). If you haven’t read it yet, here is an excerpt of that blog post just to help solidify our point.

“The Almighty Service Economy

“Because you live in America, the greatest country in the world, you get to be a part of a service economy, where you can outsource almost anything you want to someone else. Your economy gives you the right and ability to hire people or companies to perform almost any service you can think of for you.”

Next, who care what people think. Let them suffer through hours of sweat causing tedious labor. You, on the other hand, will be enjoying that time at a salon or at home while we do all the dirty work.

Let the people who enjoy scrubbing urine infested toilets continue cleaning while you enjoy the day. Our economy gives you the freedom to outsource any job or task you would rather not do yourself. So If you rather not scrub poop off your toilet boil and rather not be on your hands and knees cleaning the floor then call a house keeper. Its the simple and easy solution to a difficult problem.

Thank God we live in the Greatest and Richest Country in the world.

What is stopping you from grabbing life by the horns and living it your way? Which of these misconceptions are in control of you? Hopefully you have seen the importance of outsourcing your home’s cleaning as well as other time consuming chores you would rather not deal with.

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After 1st Time Cleaning How Often Do You Want Your Home Cleaned?

Here is what some of the people we clean for have to say

“Thank you, I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful service you provide in cleaning my home. The experience has been the best that I have experienced. The team arrives on time, is friendly and courteous and professional. The job is done with great care, and I am always impressed. I would recommend your company without reservation!” ~ Karen Culp

“Effingham Office Maids deep cleaned my home and did a phenomenal job! I would differently recommend! Wonderful people and service.” ~ Robin Brown

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