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Outsource More Including Your Household Cleaning and Chores

Outsource More

There’s No Doubt, Without Outsourcing, Your Life Would So Much More Difficult. Therefore, You Should Outsource More.


Why should you outsource more?

Because if you didn’t your life would be much harder. When was the last time you had to stalk a deer behind a powerful rifle, with a nagging feeling that you might miss? You know that if your aim is off by just one centimeter your family will go hungry for the night. It’s getting dark and you can’t shoot a deer you can’t see. If your answer is never then you live in present and are currently taking advantage of our service economy.

When your check engine light comes on, what do you do?

Unless you have 10,000 hours of experience fixing cars and don’t mind getting your hands dirty with oil, grime, and  other greasy substances, you’ll go directly to your favorite mechanic. Wont you? Of course.


Outsource More

The Almighty Service Economy

Because you live in America, the greatest country in the world, you get to be a part of a service economy, where you can outsource almost anything you want to someone else.

Your economy gives you the right and ability to hire people or companies to perform almost any service you can think of for you. But it comes at a price, and its a price well worth the cost.

Examples are easy to find:

Mechanics change your oil and keep your car, problem free. Regular maintenance is required to keep your car in constant working order.

Fast food restaurants prepare food at a fraction of the time it would take you to cook a meal. When you’re hungry now, you outsource to a fast food joint.

Daycare services keep moms and dads working. Without them, who would take care of the children while mom and dad are bringing home the bacon? Outsourcing your kids supervision was a great invention, wound’t you agree. If you have ever hired a baby sitter to enjoy a night out with your spouse then you definitely understand.

Income tax services make sure your taxes get done correctly and they ensure you get the maximum return. Where would we be without income tax services like Liberty Tax and H&R Block?

Home cleaning services play a major role in the lives of busy people.

People decide to hire housekeepers for an array of reasons:

For the elderly, cleaning their homes can lead to serious injuries. It’s important they have the help they need so they can avoid injury and continue to stay independent.

Busy moms and dads benefit greatly from cleaning services. They use these services to buy themselves 7 or more hours per week. That amounts to 364 hours a year.

But without a service economy all of this would be impossible.

Your life as you now know it would end. You would spend 90% of your time finding food, water, and shelter. Staying alive long enough to eat your next meal would probably be the hardest part of your life.

There would be no police service, home building service, gas and utilities services wouldn’t be around either. Even Starbucks would cease to exist.

In short, without the ability to outsource more, your life would be much more difficult. Fear and hunger will become your new “normal”. You’d definitely spend less time enjoying your life, that’s for certain.

outsource more

Outsourcing is the key to your happiness.

What would you do if you had more time? Would you spend it in the sun enjoying the day or would you spend it at home with your family. When you outsource more of your life these options become available to you too.

Outsource more of your life, the more you can afford to outsource the easier and more enjoyable it will be.

Outsource more and be happy more often.

Start small if you need proof, when you need a good house cleaning but would rather go get your nails done or even build a table from scratch call a cleaning company to clean for you and go do what makes you happy. You will quickly realize how valuable outsourcing is. You Could easily Add 364 Hours Back Into Your Life when you do.


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