Women In Effingham Are Calling Effingham Office Maids - Effingham Office Maids

Women In Effingham Are Calling Effingham Office Maids

Why Are Women In Effingham Are Calling Effingham Office Maids To Clean Their Homes?

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We Handle Their Dirty Work With Pleasure

In an ideal world, your house would clean itself and you wouldn't need a team of maids. In fact, you'd have more available free time than you could imagine. And bliss would be your everyday standard. But in the real world where reality exists, sometime this week you'll be forced to make time to clean your house. However, with the day to day challenges ahead of us, taking time to enjoy a moment can be hard. So, how in the world do you find 7 hours a week to clean and disinfect your home properly. It's next to impossible.

Cleaning Takes The Fun Out Of Life​

Cleaning is awful and just one cleaning per month is making a huge difference in the lives of these women. We handle their dirty work with pleasure. So they can lead enjoyable lives. These ladies live with less stress than the average women.

There are immense benefits to be had when you hire a maid service. A green cleaning will transform the atmosphere in your home from stale to an invigorating pleasant environment you'll never want to leave.

Now, let's get to the reasons you'll want to hire a maid service. Stick around it's going to get interesting.

First of all,

On a scale of 1-10 rate how much fun you have while you're cleaning the house. 10 being the most fun you ever had and 1 the least fun you ever had. If you rated your love for cleaning a 7-10 stop reading now, but if you rated it less than 6 out of 10, you're in for a ride.

Experts In Green Cleaning​

Effingham Office Maids sends a team of dust busting bacteria assassins into your home. Their sole mission is to destroy micro-enemies that have taken refuge inside. With a systematic approach our maids will vanquish the micro intruders using nothing more than green cleaning products. And of course elbow grease. We'll save you the agony of 7 plus hours a week in tedious labor.

Save 365 Hours Every Year

What would you do with an extra 365 hours this year? Because when you hire Effingham Office Maids, you'll get exactly that. A drastic savings in time and energy that will leave you feeling more and more energized as the weeks pass by. Time is precious, is it not? Would you prefer to live out the rest of your weekdays and weekends cleaning or lunching with your family? Doesn’t watching TV with your family feel better than cleaning up after them?

While family time is wonderful and all, we are talking 365 hours of extra free time. Catching some sleep might not be such a bad idea. Go out with your girlfriends and tell them all about how hard it is to watch the maids clean your house. In other words, make them a bit jealous.

Imagine yourself having another rough day at work on a Friday. You’re tired as can be on your way home. Work has taken all your energy and now you're going home to use what little you have left— to clean and do chores. And after so many months and years of this, you’re probably ready to burn the house down. Reduce it to ashes and never clean it again. Well this doesn't have to be you anymore. With a maid service at your disposal you can come exited to a clean house. All you'll need to do is pet the dog, kiss the kids, and tell your husband goodnight. Then sneak away and watch a binge worthy TV show.

At Effngham Office Maids Green Cleaning Is Our Standard 

We clean green floor to ceiling. It's safe and doesn't leave toxic fumes in the air. There’s no extra cost for green gleaning because it's part of everything we do. It's safe for your children, especially toddles. They crawl a lot and put everything in their mouths. So its important they're not exposed to harmful substances, such as bleach and ammonia. These chemicals tend to last longer in your carpets because they're made of fabric. So It's especially important to use green chemicals when your carpets are cleaned.

Anyway, to avoid the slow incineration of your children's brain cells EOM will clean your home with all natural, non-toxic, and bio-degradable products. After a green cleaning you'll come home to find lavender lingering in the air. Lemon scents will tickle your nose as you make your way though the living room into the bathroom. When you arrive you'll be greeted by a pleasant breeze, full of natural flavor and vigor. All of whom are working together to create a sense of natural bliss.

We Dial In Your Savings With Our New Estimating Software

Using our spankin’ new software is important in saving you money. It uses high level math and logic, to calculate cleaning times more accurately than the human mind. We spent a lot of money on this software, and we did it to make sure our customers are getting the most for their money.

We take detailed notes and measurements when we perform our estimate. Our detailed notes, measurements and your specifications are plugged into our software. Then, it compiles the information and gives us an accurate cost analysis to clean your home.

Unmatched Quality & Service​

The difference in good service and a great service is in the details. Hiring EOM is equal to hiring a team of ninja warriors. Their only mission is to eliminate micro-enemies in your home.

EOM will transform your home in little time. We’ll use relentless effort and pay careful attention to details. Our green cleaning solutions wreak havoc on all soot, soil and bacteria who dare invade your house. We do this with natural, nontoxic, and biodegradable cleaners. It's free. It comes standard. It's mandatory. Yeah—we have high standards.

Learn What Drove These Local Effingham Ladies To Call Effingham Office Maids

Our customers are the lifeblood of EOM. We consider them family. They trust us to let us in their homes when they are not there. Everyone has their reasons for calling EOM. No two people have the same story, but everyone we serve has one thing in common; they lead easier lives. Therefore, stress levels are low and life is a lot better. They’re winning, are you?

Joan J.​

She was one of our first customers. She's retired now and makes handmade quilts full time. It's her passion. She called EOM for a onetime cleaning. She needed some help and wasn't expecting to use us regularly. Turns out Joan recently injured her knee. Her injury prompted the call. We impressed Joan that day because we still clean her home once a month.

After hiring EOM, Joan found time to start selling her handmade quilts. By the way, she is selling her quilts for $1200 or more, wow. We're proud to share in her success.

Moving right along,

​Karen C.

Karen is our hero. She doesn't work a 9-5 as you and I do. Nope! She volunteers full time for a charity in Effingham, Which helps suffering women and their children find safe harbor for a night. Karen has been with EOM since we opened. She and her husband were our first customers. That’s right, number one.

Her line of work requires her full attention. Most days we arrive to clean, she is in her basement buried in her work. We know she enjoys it. She isn't paid and still works to help women and children in need.


We got a chance to steal her way from saving lives and ended up talking for 15 minutes.

Her reasons for hiring EOM were pretty human. Even though she’s a superhero; she‘s still a human being. She says cleaning is tedious work. Having it on her mind is stressful. She isn't paid for the work she performs so her free time is even more precious to her than most. Cleaning the house takes away from her free time.

We’re proud to help someone with such a big heart. Add her big heart to the fact that she became our first customer and that equals an undying loyalty for her and her husband. If they ever fell on hard times we would be happy to clean their home FOR FREE.

Janet N.​

She is rarely home long enough to write us a check. She's a mom with a full time job, so "busy" is her middle name. She would rather spend time with her family instead of running errands and working. She avoids obstacles that take her away from her family. And there's nothing wrong with that. Janet and Mayra, one of our quality control specialist and personnel managers, have developed quite a bond. You may spot them together at Wally World. Check for them the next time you're out.

Even our busiest customers have taken time to thank Effingham Office Maids for our help. Here's what some of them have to say.

“Thank you, I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful service you provide in cleaning my home. The experience has been the best that I have experienced. The team arrives on time, is friendly and courteous and professional. The job is done with great care, and I am always impressed. I would recommend your company without reservation!” 

~ Karen Culp

Karen has such a big heart. This means a lot to us coming from her. She's our hero.

“Effingham Office Maids deep cleaned my home and did a phenomenal job! I would differently recommend! Wonderful people and service.” 

~ Robin Brown

When we went to Robin's home for an estimate, we were greeted by amazing people and invited into an immaculate home. The most amazing thing is, she keeps it this way all the time. Good thing she wanted a deep cleaning, otherwise we would've had to leave. Her home was spotless.

“She does a fabulous job on my house. I would be lost without her.”

~ Janet Nesbit

As busy as she is, we can't thank Janet enough for her kind words. By the way, her words were directed at Mayra but we're still happy about it.

As You’ve Read, The People We Help Are Thrilled With Effingham Office Maids.

Our maids bring cheer and friendship into the lives of many women in Effingham.  Effingham Office Maids is working hard to exceed the expectations of the people we help. Their testimonials prove it.

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