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Save Time Call A Housekeeper

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Save Time Call A Housekeeper

I believe you will agree with me when I say – “there aren’t enough hours in the day.” There’s always something important that requires your attention – like cleaning your home. Am I right? Sure I Am.

More often than not, I put off the most time consuming tasks until later or tomorrow. This is bad for me because these inconveniences tend to pile up and take even longer to accomplish, “later” or “tomorrow”. I really must do better. Does this happen to you too? Yes? I knew it.

Time is a luxury we don’t have enough of anymore.

So, cleaning your home every week is definitely a huge, time hungry inconvenience and can be a major headache.  Some things are impossible to get out of like: going to a doctor’s appointment, a business meeting, or visiting your in-laws. Thank goodness cleaning is one of those things you don’t have to do yourself.

Cleaning your home can be a thing of the past.

Effingham Office Maids is a home and office green cleaning company that specializes in relieving you of the inconvenient chore of maintaining a clean house.

Effingham Office Maids Provides Much More Than Just Cleaning Services.

We Also Provide The Following:

  1. Piece Of Mind – It doesn’t matter how busy you get or how tired you are because Effingham Office Maids will always be there to clean for you. Your house is going to smell of calming lavender and invigorating lemon freshness all the time.
  1. Convenience – Cleaning your home is getting in the way of many other “important things” you could be doing. Like relaxing or drinking a beer. We provide you with more FREE time.
  1. Expert Cleaning Staff – Our cleaning pros have over 40 years of combined cleaning experience. From homes to office buildings, they get the job done fast and efficiently. For you this means you won’t be paying an arm and a leg for great quality service.
  1. Professional & Friendly People – We totally want to be your friends. Our professional and courteous maids will leave you impressed. Many of the people we help report that they look forward to our maids coming over.
  1. Licensed Bonded and Insured – This means you are totally protected. No matter what occurs you have the peace of mind knowing everything will be okay, our insurance and bonding will make sure of it.
  1. Reliability & Dependability – We are there when you need us most. We ensure the quality of our service is always excellent. With Effingham Office Maids you get top shelf quality service on day one as you would receive on day ninety, day one hundred, or day five hundred. We won’t get comfortable or lazy as time passes. Your satisfaction is our Top Priority.
  1. Customized Cleaning OptionsWe don’t need to clean your entire house (unless you want us to). Customize your cleaning by choosing the rooms and areas that you want cleaned; we can ignore the rest, saving you money while still maintaining your home clean.
  1. Green Cleaning Many cleaning services offer eco-friendly cleaning, but as a separate and more costly service. At Effingham Office Maids, Green Cleaning is our standard. It’s what we do. Our products are extremely safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. All our supplies are safe for you, your pets, your children, and everyone else in between.
  1. Efficient Cleaning Methods When we arrive we will start cleaning from top to bottom, starting with the stray cobwebs on your ceiling. Then, we begin tackling the floors: hardwoods, laminates, carpets, ceramic floors and so forth are no match for us. Shortly after, we begin cleaning the kitchen & bathrooms with patient attention to detail. Your bathroom and kitchen are the focal point of your beautiful home so we make sure to leave them spotless every single time.
  1. Satisfaction GuaranteedEffingham Office Maids guarantees you will love the result of our maids systematically cleaning your house from top to bottom. If you don’t, you wont have to pay us a dime.

Are you still with me?

Great, because getting started is simple, quick, and easy. All it takes is a 5 minute phone call.

Choose the cleaning package best suited for your needs and Call us at (888)611-4408 anytime between 6am and 9pm, 7 days a week. Our friendly staff will schedule your cleaning appointment right away.

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